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Jade Buddha & First Full Moon

Jade Buddha Inauguration Ceremony

Feb 17th 2011.

It was a full moon night. My Shifo (Buddhist Master) Rev. Thich Thong Hai and my dharma teacher Rev. T. Sutadhara together arranged a candle light chanting for world peace in front of the Jade Buddha which has been traveling the world for World Peace.

Our yoga teacher Sally McNally and her husband John Mcnally together organized a drumming circle for World Peace on this amazing evening. Those who love to drum, and love Buddha and are in act of pursuing, experiencing and creating peace joined and spend half an hour drumming for World peace.

A resident senior monk of the An Lac Mission, Thai Chuc Hein, joined us intermittently with chanting in Vietnamese. Most of us had not met each other or ever drummed together. But our mutual love of drumming, the Buddha and peace, took us into the heart of it all and allowed us to create sacred sounds and synchronized rhythms using our heart and our drums.

After our drumming, Master Hai talked to us and introduced monks from other places: the Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara, the Washington Buddhist Vihara, the San Francisco Buddhist Vihara and the Pine Mountains Monastery in Maricopa, California. We had chantings in Vietnamese, Pali (tha language of Shakya muni, the Buddha) and in English.

The dharma chakra was lit with candles and we had columns on both ends of the shrine lit with candles. On full moon night we meditated to the sacred chants. We ended it with offering our individual candles in the garden.Some chose the Bodhi tree, the some chose a statue of the Buddha, some chose the Kwan Yin, it did not matter. At the end, we had candles all over the garden and a moon casting its halo and covering more than 2/3rd of the sky.

These experiences and memories are once is a life. I shared this with my son Saagar, the monastics and the members of the Sangha.

Om Nammoh Adi Da Phat.

I bow to the Buddha in you.

Click here to learn more about An Lac Mission.

Drumming at Jade Buddha


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