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When we ask…

we always get, for sure! We just must know what to ask for and how.

On thursday when I was leaving work I was told we would have a fine weather in Ventura. I was looking forward to that. But woke up to thundering rain on friday which lingered the whole day long.

Today I badly wanted to go visit the Jade Buddha and also go to the post office. I woke up this morning to a brightly clear sky, one after a rainy night. Amma called me up and came over. We went visited the Jade Buddha and had lunch as well.

I came home and went to the post office and came home. In five minutes of my being home, a clear sky turned gray and it has been raining since.

I never asked it to stop raining. All I asked for was to go to Jade Buddha exhibition and the post office. I did them both in dry weather.

The more specific we get in our asking the more easier it is to get what we want, the way we want it.


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