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Past Life Regression

A fascinating and revealing journey to take for the brave of heart. Often people ask me if I believe in past lives. My response “my belief has nothing to do with it”. After conversing enough with each of my inquirers there is one common conclusion: ‘they are all fascinated by it but have no proof and are seeking to either prove it or disprove it”.

In the western world where the tendency is to have a mutual relation between the flock and the shepherd, there is very small scope of questioning. Where I come from, everything and everyone is questioned. The soul is considered to be eternal. Until our soul meets with the creator through nirvana ( a state attained by many enlightened masters), it will continue on this journey. Each life is a result of unfulfilled desires. As long as our desires and attachments continue we keep on being reborn to fulfill our wishes.

During a past life regression, the one taking the journey will find himself or herself in one or more previous lives. The stories that they see unfold is like a movie. Each movie is pertaining to what is being experienced in their current life at the time the past-life regression is undertaken.

Anyone who is not fully trained and has merely read a few pages of induction should not take anyone on this journey. Please find out about your therapist before you embark on a past life regression with him or her. You never know what your past lives have been. If you drop into that life and start reliving that life, an untrained hypnotist will not know what to do to deal with your previous life and bring you back safely. A hypnotist may know the induction for weight loss and/or smoking cessation but not past life regression.

This is a esoteric journey you embark upon and the hypnotherapist must be both ethical and ecological.

The hypnotist by no means is a guru or teacher who participates in your previous lives either through visions or experiences. He or she merely is a facilitator who is trained and certified to facilitate a  past life regression that you take on your own.

Someone who has been meditating for a long time or using self-hypnosis can through their intent come upon past lives and answers through these sacred journey. But until you have learned to take these journeys on your own, allow someone who is trained and able to help you. Allow this journey to surprise you. Aloha!



An ancient way of living practiced in the modern days. Mindfulness is a psychological term, a philosophy, also called insight meditation and even Vipassana, the Pali word. Pali is the language spoken during the times of Buddha in India. The ancient Buddhist scriptures are written in Pali. Today Sri Lanka is the custodian of these volumes. The Theravada tradition use Pali in their prayers and rituals.

I personally have always believed in being mindful rather than being mindless. Each time I wasn’t mindful or conscious of my step, I did stumble. Even now it happens and I am sure you may concur. When we work on being mindful our life does slow down. I have been accused of being slow all my life. I have always been living in the moment and insightful. I must have done this in many previous lives hence I was born with this nature. I am sure you may resonate to this through your own experience or someone you know of.

This weekend we are attending a mindfulness retreat at our Buddhist temple, the An-Lac Mission. It is being offered by Rev. Yogavacharya Rahula. So what is mindfulness? and what did I learn from this great teacher?

Living in the moment: Our body is always in the present moment. It cannot exist in the past or future. The heart can beat in the present moment, the lungs breathe in the present moment, the nervous system sends signals in the present moment. It cannot happen in the past or the future. So when we watch our breath and connect it with the bodily sensations and the physical vibrations as experienced by the body, our mind will slow down and our awareness expands.

Every action a meditation: Whether we are sitting or standing, getting up or taking a seat, walking or waiting, eating or drinking, we can watch our body as we engage it in the act and be watching our breath. The physical vibrations, the bodily sensations : when we are conscious of them, it slows down our wandering mind and we become mindful.

e.g. tea drinking meditation: we lift our cup to our lips – watch it, the tea flows into our mouth – watch it, our mouth is filled with the flavor, the warmth, watch it, put the cup down and rest your hands in your lap, watch it, swallow the tea, watch it, watch your breath rise your chest, your belly, your exhalation contracts your belly, watch it, lift your hand to your cup watch it… and allow this to continue until your tea is over. This is meditation while enjoying your tea. Something that can help you achieve this, is keeping your gaze lowered and not distracted.

M&M’s Meditation in a minute: Every hour for a minute you can meditate. It does not matter where you are. You do not have to close your eyes. But just watching your breath flow in and out of your body while you are sitting or standing or walking or bending or engaged in any other action you can meditate. Just for a minute. It is a fantastic feeling.

Meditation on a dime: In the loudest of places you can meditate. Allow your mind to go below the noise and distractions and watch your breath and your bodily sensations – this is the best way to deepen your practice and slow down your mind while being aware of all that is going on within you. Of course you must be an advanced practitioner to achieve results, but we have to begin sometime, so why not now, just for a minute. You will love yourself little bit more after your minute of silence in the chaos, I promise you.

OM Namo Buddhaya!

… to be continued

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