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New moon meditation Sunday, Sept 25th, 2011

6pm -7:30pm New moon circle in which we gather with a divine purpose… to set an intent to manifest our dreams which being in harmony with the self, family, community and the planet. If you cannot be with us but would like to send in a request to stay in tune and receive the healing , please write to me at and let me know what intention to hold for you. If you are in or around Ventura, do come. Your presence is as meaningful to the circle and the circle is to you.  We shall follow it with a vegetarian potluck dinner for those in attendance.

R.S.V.P. via email to save your spot and also get directions. Cost: Love offering.

Full Moon meditation & Huna workshop

Full Moon in August: Raksha Bandhan – The protective bond.

Every day has a significance in the oriental calendar. As per the astral alignments, everyone on earth exists, except humans who try to alter destiny. This leads to going out of destiny and giving rise to conflicts leading to a constant state of struggle.

It is not easy for anyone to know what is expected for perfect results. Whenever we focus on one area of our live, the other areas seem to falter. But there are a few simple things that can be done daily to keep the balance as best possible while evolving easily. Most growth seems to come in times of conflict. But is there another way?

Yes. It is by rising above the conflict we see the solution. Then we come down into the three dimension and enact it, live it. There are no shortcuts. Meditation is not a quick fix for anything. Meditation does not make a person holier or happier. Meditation isn’t sitting in one space and have a wandering mind. Hence we must meditate on an object, a form. With time(which could be millions of lifetimes), we bypass the form and reach the formless.

There are various forms of meditation. Whatever works for an individual that is what we need to do for ourselves. But changing your path often will always keep you in the beginner state.

Why group meditation? For collective energy for expressing gratitude and setting intent. When we are asking for anything we are affirming the lack of it. When we are expressing gratitude, we affirm abundance. Full moon is a time ot awaken the gentleness within us and may it shine through all darkness within us. We could choose to turn on the light or become the light. Until we can become the light, we must the candle/lamp every day and every night. No matter where we are in the world, we remain connected to the candle in our shrine, the lamp at our altar. A boat needs an anchor and a sail. We are like the boat. We need the altar and the plan, else we are all lost.

Writing out a plan makes it possible, brings down thoughts from the mental plane to the physical plane. Gives us a perspective on our desire. After we write it out, we realize that may be we do not need it, or it is not possible for now. Because there are other things unfinished or can’t be shoved aside.

After we pray/chant/meditate/connect with our higher selves, we surrender and release the effects of all our actions good/bad. We gain clarity. After the rain is gone, we can see clearer now. After the dust has died down, we can bring and come to peace and hence experience true power. Our ego leads to our deluded selves which creates the storm in our lives. There is no end to our desires and greed. They are all good as long as you can handle them, they are ecological (good for you, good for the planet) and you are keeping the balance in other areas of your life.

People turns towards spirituality to find peace. Maybe you experienced oneness with your higher self when on drugs and now you want to find it without the drugs. Maybe you made tons of money and have lots of fame and yet there is no peace and now you are here. Maybe the love of your life was all you cared about and now you are not as charmed by your love and are seeking peace. Our reasons for turning towards spirituality are all justified and equally real. But now that we are on a spiritual path and taste freedom without the drugs, the lust, the ego and drop into the freedom even if it is for a split second, we know we want more of it. Most of us feel this is it and I shall continue with my other quest and be spiritual enough to get the rest of what I was pursuing. A few say “to hell with everything else”; when I get IT, I shall have it all.

Fear & Loss

Whatever you fear losing, let go of it.” – Yoda

Before Yoda, the ancient seers said it. It is mentioned in many sutras. When you let go, all you are letting go of is your fear of loss.

I know for most people, it is easier said than done. But having worked through my fears for years, in fact an entire lifetime, I realize all I have to do is allow fear to exist as is. All I need to do is step aside from the shadow of fear. My friend Thomas had this revelation, during Christmas on the Isla de Gomera, in Spain.

You may say, this is easy for you, not me. You may say this might be true for those who have studied and practiced it, not me. I say to this, it is easy for anyone who chooses to shed fear.

Whenever you feel fear of loss, take yourself to a place when you did not have what you do fear losing. See yourself in that moment in space when you did not have it. Hear what you hear and the feel everything that exists around you physically and emotionally. Own your thoughts from the time when you did not have what you fear losing now. How was it back then? Take a deep breath and know that you will be fine even after it is gone.

So, now that you know you were fine before you had it, know you that you will be fine even after you lose it. Once you own this feeling, ask yourself “where is the fear?” You will find it is hard to find.

When you disown your fear, you gift yourself with faith, with freedom.

Here’s to a fearless you. Go live and Be!

When we ask…

we always get, for sure! We just must know what to ask for and how.

On thursday when I was leaving work I was told we would have a fine weather in Ventura. I was looking forward to that. But woke up to thundering rain on friday which lingered the whole day long.

Today I badly wanted to go visit the Jade Buddha and also go to the post office. I woke up this morning to a brightly clear sky, one after a rainy night. Amma called me up and came over. We went visited the Jade Buddha and had lunch as well.

I came home and went to the post office and came home. In five minutes of my being home, a clear sky turned gray and it has been raining since.

I never asked it to stop raining. All I asked for was to go to Jade Buddha exhibition and the post office. I did them both in dry weather.

The more specific we get in our asking the more easier it is to get what we want, the way we want it.


Until you reach the state of thoughtlessness, there is no meditation.

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