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60mins Group Healing on thursdays at 6:30pm

Full Moon and New Moon circles… read below to check the dates.

Huna prosperity workshops 

#1. Thursday evenings:
Healing through Meditation & Energy medicine

* When: 6:30pm-7:30pm
* Doors open: 6:15pm
* Cost: $10
* Happening on: 9/22/2011
* R.S.V.P. to save your spot and tell the Universe that you mean to make your life better.

In these 60 mins. you get to meditate, exchange, share, receive and release followed by Q & A.
Why meditate? Not because it is in fashion, nor because it will get us enlightened. We meditate so we do not decide hastily and repent at leisure. Meditation is not because we want to fix a relationship, have an ailment nor because we want more money or a better job. Yes meditation helps us with all these, reduce stress and relax. More than anything meditation allows you to find the balance and keep it. Meditation is the secret to stop leading a satisfied life and start living an excellent life.
Why meditate in a group? Meditation in a group helps you tap into the group dynamics of creating exponential relaxation and manifestation.
What is this 60 minutes all about? In these 60 minutes, you get to:
  • learn to meditate (focus on your breath, sound and light), or intensify your existing meditation practice.
  • receive healing energy for releasing all that is not serving you and creating space to receive blessings this is waiting for you
  • share your presence and be part of a fellowship that supports you in your abundance creation is health, relationships and wealth
To experience it, all you got to do is come.R.S.V.P. for address and directions. If you cannot be with us in person, then set your intention to tap into this energy from wherever you are.
#2 Full Moon Meditation Circles &
Huna Prosperity workshop.
Next event: October 9th 2011, Sunday 6-7:30pm 
Cost $10
Thank you for bringing a dear one along.
R.S.V.P. for address and directions

#3 New Moon Meditation & Satsang

Next event: Sept 25th 2011, Sunday 6-7:30pm
Cost: Free
Vegetarian potluck dinner
R.S.V.P. for address and directions

Come with an open mind and a willing heart. Be open to receiving divine mother’s gentle blessing to be strong and create abundance in your health, relationship and wealth. May you be blessed!


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