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Handwriting Analysis

As an advanced certified handwriting analyst, it takes me a couple of hours to provide you with a detailed analysis of the traits of the person whose handwriting needs to be analyzed.

Our handwriting is as unique as our fingerprint and hence forgery is so easy to detect. It takes years to practice forgery and yet the pressure of the pen will never be identical. A handwriting analyst can always acutely detect forgery.

Also the mood at the time of taking the writing sample is easily reflected during an analysis session. Our fears and emotions show up in our handwriting sample. A handwriting analyst can further tell you how you an change your handwriting and thereby change your reality and your future.

It is a science that can be tested and will prove itself each time.

For a brief analysis of your handwriting or someone you wish to work with, call 805-275-2289 or write to today.


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