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Law of creation

15mins with you in mind to help you take the Law of Attraction into one step ahead and understand how to work the Law of Creation.

Only when our conscious and subconscious mind is aligned and integrated, do we access our higher consciousness and thelaw of creation begins to play out. Everything we create into our reality is accomplished more through the workings of our subconscious mind which is 88% of who we are. Our conscious mind is 12% and hence everything we rationalize and decide upon is hard to accomplish.

In order to create anything in our life, our conscious mind can cook up the dreams and desires, the needs and the wants. But then using a trance induced state the message must percolate into our sub-conscious. Our old behavioral patterns and sub-conscious programming must be transformed into new habits and ways of thinking. This is achieved through repetitive programming of our subconscious mind to workwith us and create the desired results.

The law of attraction speaks of allowing to attract what we want. Allowing happens when the conscious need becomes a subconscious belief. Hence understanding the working the law of creation makes it truly live the life of our dreams. Law of creations helps us overcome negative emotions. Every emotion that debilitates us is either feeling bad, mad and sad. Anxiety, Fear, Worries, Anger, Hurt, Sorrow, Guilt, Shame are all limiting beliefs that must be overcome to live a life of our highest potential. Being glad is always what we want to feel.

Understanding the law of creation helps us live a balanced life and attain a state of equanimity. This allows us to write the book, take the trip, fight the cancer and walk the marathon. You have been creating your reality, your world so long, haven’t you? But it has been using your old programming. if you have succeeded in one area of your life, how do the other areas of your life look?

Find out how you can reprogram your subconscious mind and create life you always wanted for your loved ones and yourself.

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Law of Creation

Coach Keya

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  1. Keya has been a guide in creating a release from preconceived ideals and “how situations are meant to be”. She has great insights on all levels and senses intuitively the needs of her clients. Healing begins with trust and Keya offers that in abundance. Susannah

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