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Spiritual Counseling

Using energy medicine one is empowered to have a more flexible body, mind and spirit.  It allows you to increase your vitality so that you can rid yourself off your emotional baggage, old thoughts patterns, habits not serving you anymore and replace them with what you need now to get you where you want to go and what you want to experience.

What got you here will not take you there, it will only keep you here in a loop. Energy medicine is a sure shot way of letting go and “allowing” the missing part of the law of creation to unfold in your reality.

On thursdays I have a group session with my friends from 7-8pm. This is a great way to experience energy medicine in person. Your cost: time to commute, an hour to attend and $10. Write to me at to start your journey of personal discovery to experience personal freedom.

Energy work:

  • Huna – The traditional way of living and healing as practiced in the islands of Hawaii.
  • Reiki – An ancient art of healing traditionally from Japan.
  • Pranic healing – Recycling your own pranic energy, you allow healing to occur.




  • Angel Intuitive Guidance: from your spirit guides and other celestial beings you receive guidance whenever you need. Some of the benefits: you can heal your past and create a self-reliant present.
  • Readings: Numerology & Destiny Cards – though nothing is black and white, readings can provide you answers to many questions and a positive understanding of the negatives and positives of your personal journey.I have been working with and learning from teachers of both eastern and western traditions. My background is Vedanta, and the work of Patanjali, the grandfather of all Yoga. All oriental cultures can trace their roots back to India. My father and mother taught me the basics when I was four. I grew up using herbs and healing for all ailments, physical and psychological. We truly grew up treating food as medicine and medicine as food.


Since 2003, I have also studied from the elders of Peru, Chumash, Sioux and Kona. I have been initiated as a Buddhist both by Rev. Thich Thong Hai and the Dalai Lama. My dharma teacher is Rev. T. Sutadhara. My kriya guru is Paramahamsa Prajanananda. My huna lineage comes from the Bray Family and Uncle George Naope’. I am a Huna practitioner. I received the 9 rites of Munay-ki rites in 2006. In 2007 I received my final attunement as a Reiki Master. In 2010 I received my rites to initiate the seeker of Huna in the elemental series.

I am a practicing Kriyavaan and a Buddhist.


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