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World and You

” in the wise and gentle heart lies the strength to change the world.” Buddhist teachings.

Everyone today is trying to do something to change the world or in a way to influence the change. But until the change comes from a place of peace and power, the change is temporary. when wisdom does not back the power, it is mere force that eventually destroys the source of the change.

Most change in the world that is self-sustaining has its source in someone not very glamorous or flamboyant. Alexander and Jesus both tried to change the world. Hitler and Gandhi both worked on changing the world. Mother Theresa and Madonna (material girl) both brought about change. You be the judge and decide which change has progressed.

So when you work to create change in your world, journey to your place of peace. Only there you shall find your peace which will sustain your efforts and create the change that will carry you to your goal, no matter how small or large.


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