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The Law of Attraction

Whether you believe in it or not, it is working all the time. Everything we experience in our outer worlds either through our senses or in dreams is a mere reflection of our inner beings. For we are all and all is in me.

So much has been spoken of and talked about on this topic, that I had to publish my “2 cents” on the web.

We do not have to believe in it, just like law of gravity. Even when we were not aware of it, it existed and worked. Most of us take law of gravity for granted. Similarly law of attraction exists and works and there will be a time, when our consciousness we take it for granted and not question it.

You may ask, so how does it work? A few questions come up, what about the four year old baby with cancer, the eight year old who was molested, or the 11 year old who died from a shooting incident while playing in front of the house?

We are not alone. We exist before we are physically conceived. There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet. Everyone affects the other. Things that happened before we were born, still affect us. When a dictatorial regime goes wrong, gas prices go up in a town where no one had heard of this nation before. Most people in Ventura never heard of Bahrain or ever spoke of Libya. Today our gas price is nearing $4 a gallon. We attracted this, through our collective consciousness.

When a child dies from cancer or a gunshot, the city rises, the nation awakens, a core of humanity gets a jolt. We re-evaluate our lives, our values and our possessions. The child was part of every human on the planet. The child acted as a teacher for us to reflect.

Our material consciousness not serving us anymore somehow pushes either towards more materialism and blaming or spirituality and taking responsibility. Our external materialism and spirituality is a creation of our inner beings, our desire to learn more, have more, do more and be more.

There was a time when something had happened and we did not know of it. It was not part of our reality, we had not attracted it into our consciousness. For manifestation to occur we need opposites. Flow happens from high  to low pressure. Energy flows from positive to negative and back to positive in any circuit or battery. When we accept the negative, we can manifest.

The negative is as much a part of our reality as our positive. Did you know happiness, for you were sad once? How about wealth, did you appreciate for you once did not have it? Do you appreciate your health, for you had fallen sick before? All exists in us. We create it. We attract it to help us grow for materially and spiritually.

Here’s to your  creation, manifestation and attraction.



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