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Flow Your Strength…

Our strengths come from resistance. Imagine yourself working on your muscles. What will do each day when you go to the gym? You will work with weights that need you to push a little bit harder for your muscles to get stronger, won’t you? Similarly when our flow is resisted, our flow gets stronger. When you see a mountain river, it’s flow is constantly resisted by rocks and boulders. This river seems wild and powerful, for it is overcoming the resistance and continuing to flow. Once the same river has arrived at the planes, guess what? It seems serene and beautiful, gracefully making its way to the ocean.

We are just like this river. Each resistance we encounter, make our mental muscles gain strength. Remember the theory of “survival of the fittest” by Charles Darwin. It is so true in every aspect of our existence. As we work through the resistances in our journey, we gain strength and wisdom. In future when you are in a similar situation, it is no longer a resistance, but a part of your natural flow.

Our conflicts make us stronger. Our enemies are truly a friend in disguise. Though we need our friends all the time, to bandage our bruises, in hind sight they seem to flatter us and of course help us heal. Our enemies instead keep challenging us. Whenever we feel we have overcome one challenge, we realize there is a fresh new set in front of us, only urging us for time and in exchange making us aware of our strength.

With time, we become strong enough to remain in the flow. We also grow wise and know when to take on a new challenge or continue with the flow. Like a yoga practitioner who flows their strength with grace, we have it in us. So when a situation arises, just decide for yourself whether you need to handle it for now or go with your plans and revisit the situation.

In retailing industry, though there may be a plan for the day, one can never predict a day with 100% accuracy. It’s just like the weather. So we must be prepared to work through situations while being strong and retaining the flow. The pace of the flow may slow down because of the resistance, but it never stops, all along making us stronger. Strength and wisdom come only with perseverance.

So for today, decide if you will work through the conflicts, or put them on a pause and flow without resistance. Either way, remember to smile and breathe.


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