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Your handwriting and YOU.

The first question often posed is “what is handwriting analysis?” The other is “How does is work?” and finally “why is it needed?” Most other question are a subset of these questions.

Handwriting Analysis is a powerful way of getting a peak into the sub-conscious mind of the writer. Our handwriting is as unique as our finger print, hence detecting a forgery is possible for the handwriting analyst or graphologist. Handwriting analysis is a scientific process and study of the slant and the formation of each alphabet. The margins, spacing between each alphabets, words and sentences and the slope of each sentence helps the analyst learn of the writer’s moods, emotions, health, dispositions and even habits. This is done without reading the contents and hence is a non-judgemental approach to understanding another human.

Employers, prisons, recruiting agencies, health care providers and even correctional facilities hire handwriting analysts to get a peak at the sub-conscious programming (emotions and behaviors) of their clients and employees.

Your handwriting sample will reveal our current conditioning, attitudes, moods, dreams and wishes. Whenever our needs for the future are in conflict with our past memories and experience it is hard for us to achieve our goals. When we align our future with our present, achieving goals becomes easy and graceful. At times our critical mind will suppress our subconscious needs to protect us from hurt, so we can function consciously as civilized citizens conforming to the demands of the day to day existence.

A handwriting sample on a 8×10/A4 size paper of one paragraph ending with your signature and date can be analyzed by a handwriting analyst to effectively suggest/explain:

  • what is going on
  • give you the reasons
  • why you are getting the current results
  • why you feel the way you do
  • what is it you are truly seeking
  • and finally how to change your handwriting to get the results you seek

Of course a detailed analysis takes 2 hours to prepare. But a quick 15mins. Analysis helps understand why you are getting the results and not getting what you want.

So go ahead and send me a sample page of your handwriting and let us begin a fascinating journey of self-discovery leading to goal achievement.

Your sample must be on a blank piece of paper which is 8.5”x11” or A4 size. Remember to sign and date it. On the reverse side write your name, email address, phone number and the best time of the day to reach you.

On the paper write a paragraph on what you would like to do or have within the next 365 days. If you write big and want more than one sheet, please feel free to write on multiple number of sheets. But minimum requirement is one paragraph with around 15 lines. Being shy and of limited words in a handwriting analysis does not help. Also what you write cannot be copied from a book or notes from a lecture or meeting. They must be written on your own with minimal or zero distractions and in one shot. Once you feel complete with your writing, do not make any corrections to it. A handwriting analyst should have this sample writing of yours to conduct the analysis.

A hand writing analyst can recommend what is appropriate for the candidate. e.g someone who loves to hang around the coffee pot may make great at public relations and getting to know secrets and not the best in a research department. Also someone who is great in figures may not be the best at listening to complaints of other employees.

So through the analysis of a handwriting, the past can be understood and the future can be created by working in the present.


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