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Demistify Hypnosis

“Hypnotism has been used by physicians in minor operations as a sort of psychical chloroform for persons who might be endangered by an aesthetic. But a hypnotic state is harmful to those often subjected to it; a negative psychological effect ensues that in time deranges the brain cells. Hypnotism is trespass into the territory of another’s consciousness. Its temporary phenomena have nothing in common with the miracles performed by men of divine realization.”(Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda)

Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda mentions hypnosis in his commentaries, “think of the mind like a team of wild horses, and rather than controlling them through muscular strength and taking hold of the reins, you ask another to hit them on the head to stun them into a submissive state for a short period of time. Each time another stuns the horses into submission the person loses an amount of their own mental energy. From continued regular sessions of hypnosis from another person, entering into this docile state, instead of gaining power and better control, the mind can become a shapeless powerless mass eventually leading to the mental asylum.

In response to these two references to hypnosis… here is an explaination…

The hypnosis my gurus speak of here is the kind that makes people do things without their control. e.g. television and most media which makes people get roused into a state and take sides or make a purchase based on pure emotion which they later either justify through reason or express buyer’s remorse over. the military uses it to send the young recruits to go into battle. the terrorist groups use it to hang cyanide capsules on young children and teenagers to escape being interrogated after capture. this is what Master speaks of. even in evangelical churches where you see the preacher get its congregation into a state of mass hysteria that is stage hypnosis.

Without bypassing the critical mind one cannot sleep. When we drift and dream before entering into deep sleep, clinically it is called a hypnoidal state. That is natural hypnosis. The other alternative would be taking a hallucinating drug and bypassing the hynoidal state which eventually makes people drug dependent and is dangerous since it initially numbs and eventually kills the brain cells. When one laughs or cries watching a movie or game or reading a book that is environmental hypnosis. Consciously we know they are paid actors on a screen, shadows from the past, it isn’t even live theater yet people get attached and express an emotion. This can’t occur without accessing the subconscious mind. This is conditional hypnosis. All sports people are doing a job, getting paid to play and yet people react emotionally to a match, that is accessing the subconscious mind which is hypnosis.

When you miss a turn while walking or driving that is highway hypnosis. When you think of a loved one or a hurtful one and experience the emotion that is self-hypnosis. All goal fulfillment is achieved through self hypnosis.

There are so many forms of hypnosis. Through chanting when trance is induced that is also hypnosis. Meditation is also a trance induced state which creates similar brain waves as hypnosis. In hypnosis we access 88% of our mind which is just the subconscious mind, but in meditation we use 100% of our mind, the conscious and the sub-conscious. That is how we access the higher conscious state through meditation. During energy work we access this state. Light hypnosis accesses both aspects of the mind while deep hypnosis accesses only the sub-conscious mind which according to me is unethical. The client is then unaware of what transpired consciously which is truly dangerous and terrible karma.

When one does long distance healing using Reiki one cannot do it just with their conscious mind and their personal energy. One does have to bypass their critical mind and enter a meditative state where they align and integrate both conscious and subconscious mind. Only then they can access their higher consciousness to tap into the universal energy and flow it long distance. Hypnosis is the state their mind enters into to achieve this. Hypnosis is part of meditation, but meditation isn’t part of hypnosis.

I am glad you have begun researching this area. this note may be the begining of your journey and I applaud you.

I am also am open to questions, comments, concerns and corrections. I myself have just begun the journey. You are also welcome to share this note with who you believe might find it useful. Please retain the original format.

Aloha & Namaste’


A few things about hypnosis

Hypnosis is a trance induced state. In this state you bypass the critical mind to gain access to the sub-conscious. Once this is achieved the trained hypnotherapist uses suggestions to make conscious wishes a subconscious desire.

e.g. every smoker wishes they were a non-smoker. This is a conscious wish, but because of habits which is a subconscious programming, it is difficult, nearly impossible. By the use of hypnotic suggestions the habits to reach out for a cigarette can be changed to a positive habit like sipping water instead and the habit is easily overcome. The conscious wish to quit smoking becomes a subconscious desire.

Usually habit control is a symptomatic relief. When the habit was filling up an emotional void, with the habit controlled, the unresolved emotion will trigger another habit which may not be healthy. Hence working with the habit and the root cause of it is necessary to remove the habit forever.

Hypnosis can help with both symptomatic and causal relief.

Hypnosis allows healing to begin.

Self-hypnosis allows for self-healing.

Hypnosis can be integrated with any holistic profession.e.g. massage, nursing, dentistry, chiropractor, physiotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy

Hypnosis is not meditation.

Hypnosis allows for:

  1. weight management
  2. pain control
  3. sleeping well
  4. stress reduction
  5. habit control (smoking cessation, nail biting, hair pulling, foot tapping, leg shaking etc.)
  6. overcome writer’s block
  7. work through fear and phobia
  8. past life regression
  9. working with pre and post cancer therapy
  10. life’s passages (empty nest, death of a pet or a relative, separation from a loved one, loss of a job)
  11. visualization and goal getting
  12. overcoming anger, sorrow, hurt, shame, guilt, doubts even jealousy

and so much more…

Hypnosis is safe, effective, non-invasive and non-addictive.

Hypnosis is tapping your power within, your subconscious mind, 88% of who you are to create your results, your way.

Anyone can become a hypnotist from a weekend seminar. But to be a hypnotherapist, the practitioner must have studied and learned from an accredited institute for at least a year. A true hypnotherapist must always be learning and growing to bring better results to their clients.

Learning never ends for a practitioner who is always seeking to make it better for their clients.

Your handwriting and YOU.

The first question often posed is “what is handwriting analysis?” The other is “How does is work?” and finally “why is it needed?” Most other question are a subset of these questions.

Handwriting Analysis is a powerful way of getting a peak into the sub-conscious mind of the writer. Our handwriting is as unique as our finger print, hence detecting a forgery is possible for the handwriting analyst or graphologist. Handwriting analysis is a scientific process and study of the slant and the formation of each alphabet. The margins, spacing between each alphabets, words and sentences and the slope of each sentence helps the analyst learn of the writer’s moods, emotions, health, dispositions and even habits. This is done without reading the contents and hence is a non-judgemental approach to understanding another human.

Employers, prisons, recruiting agencies, health care providers and even correctional facilities hire handwriting analysts to get a peak at the sub-conscious programming (emotions and behaviors) of their clients and employees.

Your handwriting sample will reveal our current conditioning, attitudes, moods, dreams and wishes. Whenever our needs for the future are in conflict with our past memories and experience it is hard for us to achieve our goals. When we align our future with our present, achieving goals becomes easy and graceful. At times our critical mind will suppress our subconscious needs to protect us from hurt, so we can function consciously as civilized citizens conforming to the demands of the day to day existence.

A handwriting sample on a 8×10/A4 size paper of one paragraph ending with your signature and date can be analyzed by a handwriting analyst to effectively suggest/explain:

  • what is going on
  • give you the reasons
  • why you are getting the current results
  • why you feel the way you do
  • what is it you are truly seeking
  • and finally how to change your handwriting to get the results you seek

Of course a detailed analysis takes 2 hours to prepare. But a quick 15mins. Analysis helps understand why you are getting the results and not getting what you want.

So go ahead and send me a sample page of your handwriting and let us begin a fascinating journey of self-discovery leading to goal achievement.

Your sample must be on a blank piece of paper which is 8.5”x11” or A4 size. Remember to sign and date it. On the reverse side write your name, email address, phone number and the best time of the day to reach you.

On the paper write a paragraph on what you would like to do or have within the next 365 days. If you write big and want more than one sheet, please feel free to write on multiple number of sheets. But minimum requirement is one paragraph with around 15 lines. Being shy and of limited words in a handwriting analysis does not help. Also what you write cannot be copied from a book or notes from a lecture or meeting. They must be written on your own with minimal or zero distractions and in one shot. Once you feel complete with your writing, do not make any corrections to it. A handwriting analyst should have this sample writing of yours to conduct the analysis.

A hand writing analyst can recommend what is appropriate for the candidate. e.g someone who loves to hang around the coffee pot may make great at public relations and getting to know secrets and not the best in a research department. Also someone who is great in figures may not be the best at listening to complaints of other employees.

So through the analysis of a handwriting, the past can be understood and the future can be created by working in the present.

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