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You are my godsend, an amazing resilient extraordinary human being – eternal love,” –  June

I am Monica Casas a few years ago I would go do a weekly to bi-weekly session with you at your home before you started the wellness center.  I want to make an appointment with you.  I have been going thru a lot of stress/anxiety these past few months and my friend who is a therapist wanted me to go get some professional help thru my health insurance but I have gone in the past and seemed to get no where with the Kaiser Permanente therapist.  I thought of you because when we would talk I felt more comfortable discussing things and having spiritual healing did help me a lot.  .… ”

“….I do feel better after the treatments you gave me. I feel light, happy & energetic. I am drinking tea with warm water as I am writing this email…..” Saroj

Hi Coach Keya.
I did very much enjoy your seminar last Monday.  I found it informative and inspiring.  It is helpful to remind and keep my mind in the right trend.  This is a fascinating realm and journey.  I feel like my perceptions are shifting in some way.  I am trying just to relax and flow with it.  You have special gifts to offer.  ….” Lianne

hi ms. keya,
     I’m one of the students of raeann koerner from her hollistic health class. First i want to say thank you for that wonderful experience that you gave us. I really wanted to ask you before about my own experience of the therapeutic hypnotism that we did, but i was so shy to say a word infront of everybody. When they turn off the light and you open up the window, i felt a little panic, because there was something in my past that I was alone in my room and it was dark. So I cant concetrate at first and then when you tell us about the stairs, I saw myself on top of it and i was so happy. That made me realize how sad I am right now, and I really wanted to cry before. And then when you told us to go to our room, when i opened the door, i saw it was an empty bright room and the sun gives it light to the room. I saw the wooden chair and table and some color pens, I know i write something but I forgot what is it. and then i saw the trees and the river with the sunlight on it, I didn’t see the bird but I’m hearing it somewhere. And then while you were saying, all about the birds and the rivers, i felt heat on my hands and the next thing that happened is I felt like i was being lift up from my chair, like I’m floating 4-5 inches above the ground. I dont know what those all means but after that experience, i felt light-hearted…Is there connections with my past of what happened? what is the meaning of me being lift up or felt like floating?…. ” Marge

Thank you too for sharing your flame for spirituality and divine mother’s bliss so generously with the Satsang.   You are so beautiful!” Kelly
” Really happy for you dear Keya !!! You are doing wonderful work !...” Dr Rajni Mukherjee
very Interesting article ..thank you for Sharing , as Physicians we tend to take a skeptical approach to it except perhaps Psychiatrists..some of whom I know actually use hypnosis as part of therapy ..would like to read some more could you suggest some books …for the uninitiated ..thanks” Prasun

Hi Keya, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful refreshing couple of days of class. It has been  while since someone has spoken directly to my heart.”
– Respectfully, Juan Carlos Fernandez

“Dear Keya, I am astonished at your level of giving…., you are so so so kind, Keya , I am so very appreciative for your meditation.” Bye, Adrianne!!

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  1. Keya has been instrumental in helping me to balance the upcoming death of my mother, my professional goals and my projection as a human being. Through her gentle questions she guided me to acceptance of my past, actions in the present and how I visualize myself in the future. Her gifts have been a blessing. SJ Evans

  2. Keya is an intuitive and gifted healer who knows how to get down to the deeper core issues that are causing your problems and releasing them. She uses a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, and energy work to facilitate healing at all levels which has been more effective for me than I had ever thought possible. I feel positive, free from past baggage, accepting of myself and excited about my future. I highly recommend Keya if you are looking for a positive change in your life…

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